Sunday, November 14, 2004

wow! my last update was last September 7! it's like 3 months ago! I'm sorry for neglecting this one but I'll be back to using this for announcements from time to time when I have my own domain. I'm planning of buying one.

In the meantime, just want to let you know that my personal journal would be located here: It's "FRIENDS ONLY" so if you happened to own an LJ account, you can comment to be added to my friends list. That's all for now.


Tuesday, June 01, 2004


using gprs once again. im not allowed to access the
internet today. really SUCKS!! created some lj icons
this afternoon coz i got bored doing my stepdads pork
barrel thing (he works in the congress) in ms excel.
its 14 pages long and so far, ive got 2 pages done and
i have to finish this by friday. i swear, it is really
a BORING task!

YAAYY!! lakers won! rush really did a great job...

camile velascos mom was interviewed via phone patch
this morning on the show good morning kris and she
said that camiles going to visit the country on
october. glad to know that shes going to pay a visit
to her home country. couldnt wait to see her get
on the show! =p

>> 1 day to go before the screening of hp3. really
couldnt wait!

>> 5 days to go before classes start...

Monday, May 31, 2004


saw The Day After Tomorrow last saturday night. still
havent seen Shrek 2 though. :c my mom said shell buy
the dvd instead. *shrugs* im using my cellphones gprs
connection to post this thing. im not in blogger
though, but in my yahoo account. yup! this is an email
post. dont know however why the apostrophes dont
appear. it makes this one looks like with typo

YAAAAY!! finished reading Angels and Demons by Dan
Brown yesterday. bought it last sunday when we went to
the bookstore. they finally have a stock, thank
goodness. i wanted this book since last month but it
was already sold out in the bookstores. got myself a
copy now at least! i like this one more than da vinci
code though. really good.

2 days before the regular screening of hp3 here.

6 more days before the start of classes...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


went to school this morning at around 9am to enroll.
saw my friends lara, cris, nikki, gelyn, ron, judith,
hk, jason, and a lot more of them. of course, since
its enrolment day anyway. i really really missed them!
i hugged almost all of my girl friends who were there
at that time.

im a 3rd yr hs student now and even though i couldnt
accept it, my section is Rubidium (Rb). why the hell
cant i accept it?? its because none of my close
friends i mentioned above is my classmate! ill really
do miss 2nd yr. gone were the days of sleepovers, fun,
gimmicks, and sleepless nights that our section used
to do. ill really miss our sections togetherness. we
are very close that were always together. we dont go
by groups but as a class. thats why last yr i think
was the happiest yr for me. i just hope itll happen
too this yr.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

got myself a radio blog. i placed it here to put some music in. however, i'm having a hard time uploading the .swf files to my server. i upload them two at a time 'coz if i upload all of them, it would take me like forever to finish the upload.

anyway, my folks are coming home today. still have to do a lot of chores after i leave this pc. my enrolment is 3 days away and my scholarship papers aren't notarized yet. really have to finish them. i also haven't had my picture taken yet. i guess i need to do a lot of things.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

it's been awhile since my last entry and i'm finally back! i was trying out Xanga premium for the past few weeks after i found out i was given a 21-day free trial. i only have 2 days left. xanga wasn't that bad. liked the idea of the blogrings and other stuffs however, just hated the fact that you can't have your own skin unless you upgraded to xanga premium. so even if i'm quite enjoying it right now, it will *automatically* revert back to the default skin once the free trial is over! UGH!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Still awake. My folks are coming home this afternoon. Gotta do the Excel thingy right now.