Friday, April 30, 2004

dunno what happened but i checked out the site and i didn't noticed that i had the previous post posted 4 times! hell, there's really something wrong with the server... oh well, got it deleted when i managed my posts just a few minutes ago. tried out xanga awhile ago. didn't liked it that much. i guess 'coz they don't want me to customise my own skin unless i upgraded to a premium account which is really impossible for me since i don't have the money to pay. i'm a good girl and don't wanna have to ask my aunt to pay for it coz she's in the US. don't have a dollar account either. i wouldn't even dare to ask my parents. of course, the most important things are the ones that have to be prioritized first. stuffs like that would come last.

my sister's already in bed and i'm still here in front of the computer. i think i should get some sleep now. glad to know, Archer Gurl updated and Nesha posted a new fic at the Realm! Thanks a whole lot! Now i have something to read.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I should've posted something 2 days ago if it just wasn't for the ftp problem with my server. I dunno what's their problem but I was really pissed off 'coz I couldn't update my blog! Oh well...*shrugs*.

Nweiz (I'm using text language!), got myself a Gmail account. WOW!! Would you believe it?? 1000mb of mail storage?? For free??? Hmmm... I read an article about this on Time Magazine. Said they were offering it only to employees' friends and families. So I was really surprised when I logged in my Blogger account and I saw this Gmail ad offering me their Gmail! Am I really an "active" Blogger member?? Dunno...but that was the one written on the ad, " active Blogger member...". Oh well, I still gave it a swirl. Who wouldn't?? With that much email space and with Yahoo! charging like $10 for just one-tenth of that 1000mb...why shouldn't I try it?? My gmail would be my 12th email account...I guess. I have lots of email accounts...6 from Yahoo...1 in Hotmail...1 in BigMailbox...1 in Eudoramail...1 in Mugglenet...1 in Netscape...1 in infocom...and finally, 1 in Gmail. Pheeww!! That was long! Wait!!! that's 13 and not 12. Ok, I have 13 email accounts. I don't know what's wrong with me but I just want trying out a lot of email accounts out there.

Enough with the email thing. I sent some MMS from my celfone to my email simply because I had nothing to do. I guess I just wasted 10 pesos for the two.

Go Adelfa girls!!! Yeah!!! This was taken during our Second Year Intrams. all of us girls in our section decided that we should wear something similar. We decided that socks would be cute when we remembered seeing these socks (the one we're wearing on the pic) in Eastwood. We agreed and went back to Eastwood to buy the socks which is priced 80 pesos each. Good thing we have our class funds. We bought 14 pairs. The guys on the other hand, got arm bands 'coz the socks wouldn't fit on them. Too bad 'coz the socks are soooo cute!

hehe. Got this one from myGlobe, wallpapers section. Got myself a Glyphname(that's what they're called). Yaaay!! Obviously, "Glyph" as in from Egyptian "hieroglyphs". I still wished though that the name's "Michi" and not "Mitch" but they don't have one so I settled for the nearest match. Some of my friends and even my parents call me "Mich" anyway. So I guess "Mitch" would also be ok.

My folks are not around today. Went to the province once again. The same goes for next week 'coz they're having our house there undergo some "changes". That's why they'll be away every weekend. Damn cable reception!!! What's wrong with Home Cable???? I wasn't able to watch American Idol because of it!! AAArgh!!!!!!! I have no choice then but to watch the replay show tomorrow on StarWorld. We're like 4 episodes behind, mind you. Not cool 'coz I already know who gets to be eliminated even before they air the results show. No excitement in that already. Just wondering what's wrong with America when they voted off Jennifer Hudson. Honestly, I'm not a Jennifer fan but seeing her go before John Stevens?? I do believe that's really something 'coz John should've gone before her. No offense to John fans. It's just in my opinion and no doubt, Jennifer is better. I guess I'm contented now though after learning that John was voted off recently. I wonder who goes next...

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I finally have Adobe Photoshop!! Haha!! now I can make my own layouts. I still need to know and learn more about it though.

Anyway, I visited Syrinx's RoLO site. It's just so pretty. I like her pic manips and her stories. They're just sooo well-written and beautiful!! I'm just wondering when she's going to update "With The Wind". I really like all her fics but especially this one. I guess because it was the first RoLo fanfic and even the first X-men fanfic I've ever read and it was the one that somewhat started me liking RoLo. I first started out reading Anime fanfics--Rayearth to be exact. Soon, I found myself reading X-men fanfics may it be comicverse, movieverse, and cartoonverse. I've read a lot already and of course, they're RoLo fics with other pairings included. My favorite one is Libby Edwards' "She Walks in Beauty" and it's sort of sequel, "Breathing". It's really long sort of like a novel but very beautiful!! It's just so awww...

Glad there's a site now for RoLo fics which is the RoLo Realm. The site's owned by Pari. A lot of good fics there and I've read this one by NemesisBecoming entitled "Rememory". It's really good too and I like her style of writing.

Right now, I've been trying to finish the W.I.T.C.H. site but damn this server! It's so slow in uploading!! AARGH!!! I'm going to purchase my own domain soon and luckily my mom agreed. I guess 'coz she's not the one paying but my tita or my aunt. Haha!! I'll soon have one. My very own domain!! folks will arrive any moment now. They went to the province for the weekend. So right now, I'm free to use the computer without anyone bothering me. But this would soon end the moment they arrive....

Credits: I got the picture above from Kali's Web Shoppe. I added the words myself using Photoshop. I'm still learning how to create good ones so forgive me if it's too simple. =P

Saturday, April 24, 2004 post. Made a new look for my blog. Made it myself but I don't have Photoshop or anything. I still don't have one until now and I would really want to. I want to learn creating my own layouts, fortunately. Credits: got the picture above from Kali's Web Shoppe (see my credits page if you wanna know the address). Thanks a whole lot!!

Monday, April 19, 2004

I'm back again after a 6-day hiatus. I haven't had the chance to access the computer and most especially, the Internet for the whole weekend! no more credits left on the internet card so my mom bought me one awhile ago. I've been using the pay-per-surf plan by PLDT - which my mother doesn't want me to use - to access the internet these past few days. She just doesn't want to, really. Our phone bill increased alarmingly becuase of my non-stop use of it last month. My mom just really budgets everything so she was like freaking out after she receiving the phone bill. I don't often use it since then. However, I do sometimes especially when she's not around. I'm pretty sure though that she'll soon know 'coz it will be reflected on our next phone bill. I guess that's just my BIG mistake!

Anyway, I just had my birthday yesterday. Lara, a close friend of mine, was the first one who greeted me. Yup! She was the only one who texted me at around 12:14 am of April 18th. I just really love her! She's really sweet and thoughtful...unlike me. hehe. well, we didn't go out but my mom cooked some "sinigang na hipon" and "inihaw" spareribs. Really yummy!!

The day before, my sister and I went with my dad to Galleria. He treated us out. We ate at Magoo's Pizza and watched "Peter Pan". I guess it cost him a lot 'coz we still even went to McDonald's after the movie. We got home at around 5 pm and after that, my mom asked me to come with her and buy a computer chair and a beach chair. I whined but it was no use. In the end, I went with her to PriceSmart and we got home at around 8 in the evening.

I guess my birthday wasn't that bad after all... =]

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I'm back and got a new layout. I got it from, obviously. Still trying to finish my site. I'm still going to add some links in here.

I'm currently looking for some scripts that I can use for the site. American Idol today!!!

5 days to go before my birthday....

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Still unfinished..

Just changed my template. got this one from Alethia Graphics. Thanks a lot!!

anyway, this site is not yet fully done so the menu on the side would not work at the moment since it doesn't contain anything yet. however, i'll be uploading them soon. =D

Saturday, April 10, 2004

first entry

Hi y'all!! this would be my first time here. just trying to test this thing out. =D