Friday, April 30, 2004

dunno what happened but i checked out the site and i didn't noticed that i had the previous post posted 4 times! hell, there's really something wrong with the server... oh well, got it deleted when i managed my posts just a few minutes ago. tried out xanga awhile ago. didn't liked it that much. i guess 'coz they don't want me to customise my own skin unless i upgraded to a premium account which is really impossible for me since i don't have the money to pay. i'm a good girl and don't wanna have to ask my aunt to pay for it coz she's in the US. don't have a dollar account either. i wouldn't even dare to ask my parents. of course, the most important things are the ones that have to be prioritized first. stuffs like that would come last.

my sister's already in bed and i'm still here in front of the computer. i think i should get some sleep now. glad to know, Archer Gurl updated and Nesha posted a new fic at the Realm! Thanks a whole lot! Now i have something to read.


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