Thursday, April 29, 2004

I should've posted something 2 days ago if it just wasn't for the ftp problem with my server. I dunno what's their problem but I was really pissed off 'coz I couldn't update my blog! Oh well...*shrugs*.

Nweiz (I'm using text language!), got myself a Gmail account. WOW!! Would you believe it?? 1000mb of mail storage?? For free??? Hmmm... I read an article about this on Time Magazine. Said they were offering it only to employees' friends and families. So I was really surprised when I logged in my Blogger account and I saw this Gmail ad offering me their Gmail! Am I really an "active" Blogger member?? Dunno...but that was the one written on the ad, " active Blogger member...". Oh well, I still gave it a swirl. Who wouldn't?? With that much email space and with Yahoo! charging like $10 for just one-tenth of that 1000mb...why shouldn't I try it?? My gmail would be my 12th email account...I guess. I have lots of email accounts...6 from Yahoo...1 in Hotmail...1 in BigMailbox...1 in Eudoramail...1 in Mugglenet...1 in Netscape...1 in infocom...and finally, 1 in Gmail. Pheeww!! That was long! Wait!!! that's 13 and not 12. Ok, I have 13 email accounts. I don't know what's wrong with me but I just want trying out a lot of email accounts out there.

Enough with the email thing. I sent some MMS from my celfone to my email simply because I had nothing to do. I guess I just wasted 10 pesos for the two.

Go Adelfa girls!!! Yeah!!! This was taken during our Second Year Intrams. all of us girls in our section decided that we should wear something similar. We decided that socks would be cute when we remembered seeing these socks (the one we're wearing on the pic) in Eastwood. We agreed and went back to Eastwood to buy the socks which is priced 80 pesos each. Good thing we have our class funds. We bought 14 pairs. The guys on the other hand, got arm bands 'coz the socks wouldn't fit on them. Too bad 'coz the socks are soooo cute!

hehe. Got this one from myGlobe, wallpapers section. Got myself a Glyphname(that's what they're called). Yaaay!! Obviously, "Glyph" as in from Egyptian "hieroglyphs". I still wished though that the name's "Michi" and not "Mitch" but they don't have one so I settled for the nearest match. Some of my friends and even my parents call me "Mich" anyway. So I guess "Mitch" would also be ok.

My folks are not around today. Went to the province once again. The same goes for next week 'coz they're having our house there undergo some "changes". That's why they'll be away every weekend. Damn cable reception!!! What's wrong with Home Cable???? I wasn't able to watch American Idol because of it!! AAArgh!!!!!!! I have no choice then but to watch the replay show tomorrow on StarWorld. We're like 4 episodes behind, mind you. Not cool 'coz I already know who gets to be eliminated even before they air the results show. No excitement in that already. Just wondering what's wrong with America when they voted off Jennifer Hudson. Honestly, I'm not a Jennifer fan but seeing her go before John Stevens?? I do believe that's really something 'coz John should've gone before her. No offense to John fans. It's just in my opinion and no doubt, Jennifer is better. I guess I'm contented now though after learning that John was voted off recently. I wonder who goes next...


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