Monday, April 19, 2004

I'm back again after a 6-day hiatus. I haven't had the chance to access the computer and most especially, the Internet for the whole weekend! no more credits left on the internet card so my mom bought me one awhile ago. I've been using the pay-per-surf plan by PLDT - which my mother doesn't want me to use - to access the internet these past few days. She just doesn't want to, really. Our phone bill increased alarmingly becuase of my non-stop use of it last month. My mom just really budgets everything so she was like freaking out after she receiving the phone bill. I don't often use it since then. However, I do sometimes especially when she's not around. I'm pretty sure though that she'll soon know 'coz it will be reflected on our next phone bill. I guess that's just my BIG mistake!

Anyway, I just had my birthday yesterday. Lara, a close friend of mine, was the first one who greeted me. Yup! She was the only one who texted me at around 12:14 am of April 18th. I just really love her! She's really sweet and thoughtful...unlike me. hehe. well, we didn't go out but my mom cooked some "sinigang na hipon" and "inihaw" spareribs. Really yummy!!

The day before, my sister and I went with my dad to Galleria. He treated us out. We ate at Magoo's Pizza and watched "Peter Pan". I guess it cost him a lot 'coz we still even went to McDonald's after the movie. We got home at around 5 pm and after that, my mom asked me to come with her and buy a computer chair and a beach chair. I whined but it was no use. In the end, I went with her to PriceSmart and we got home at around 8 in the evening.

I guess my birthday wasn't that bad after all... =]


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