Wednesday, May 26, 2004


went to school this morning at around 9am to enroll.
saw my friends lara, cris, nikki, gelyn, ron, judith,
hk, jason, and a lot more of them. of course, since
its enrolment day anyway. i really really missed them!
i hugged almost all of my girl friends who were there
at that time.

im a 3rd yr hs student now and even though i couldnt
accept it, my section is Rubidium (Rb). why the hell
cant i accept it?? its because none of my close
friends i mentioned above is my classmate! ill really
do miss 2nd yr. gone were the days of sleepovers, fun,
gimmicks, and sleepless nights that our section used
to do. ill really miss our sections togetherness. we
are very close that were always together. we dont go
by groups but as a class. thats why last yr i think
was the happiest yr for me. i just hope itll happen
too this yr.


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