Monday, May 31, 2004


saw The Day After Tomorrow last saturday night. still
havent seen Shrek 2 though. :c my mom said shell buy
the dvd instead. *shrugs* im using my cellphones gprs
connection to post this thing. im not in blogger
though, but in my yahoo account. yup! this is an email
post. dont know however why the apostrophes dont
appear. it makes this one looks like with typo

YAAAAY!! finished reading Angels and Demons by Dan
Brown yesterday. bought it last sunday when we went to
the bookstore. they finally have a stock, thank
goodness. i wanted this book since last month but it
was already sold out in the bookstores. got myself a
copy now at least! i like this one more than da vinci
code though. really good.

2 days before the regular screening of hp3 here.

6 more days before the start of classes...


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