Tuesday, June 01, 2004


using gprs once again. im not allowed to access the
internet today. really SUCKS!! created some lj icons
this afternoon coz i got bored doing my stepdads pork
barrel thing (he works in the congress) in ms excel.
its 14 pages long and so far, ive got 2 pages done and
i have to finish this by friday. i swear, it is really
a BORING task!

YAAYY!! lakers won! rush really did a great job...

camile velascos mom was interviewed via phone patch
this morning on the show good morning kris and she
said that camiles going to visit the country on
october. glad to know that shes going to pay a visit
to her home country. couldnt wait to see her get
on the show! =p

>> 1 day to go before the screening of hp3. really
couldnt wait!

>> 5 days to go before classes start...